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Blue.Press aspires to be the world’s largest ports & anchorages directory. However, with millions of locations worldwide, we couldn’t achieve this goal alone. Register marinas and local businesses and earn money when you refer a sale. We offer 50% commissions on all subscription renewal payments. Yes, it means you get rewarded every year for the work you do today.

  • Stay well in the channel during the approach, the sand banks are constantly moving in this area.

Offer Marinas To Be Listed For Free

It’s simple to generate income by promoting our directory.

Even marinas staying on the free plan will be linked to you, so you’ll earn a commission if they ever choose to upgrade or advertise in the future, wether it’s tomorrow or in 10 years.


50% Commissions On Verified Ports

Marinas of the world show genuine interest in getting verified.

And at just $50/year, we’ve set our membership to be as affordable as possible. We’ve bundled every possible service to cater to marina management teams, doing everything to bring benefits to marinas that claim their listing.


50% Commissions On Featured Ports

Advertisements provides Blue.Press’s affiliates the opportunity to create a second recurring revenue stream and increase their earnings per customer.

Just like with Verified Ports, you earn a 50% commission when a marina chooses to be Featured in its region. Our pricing starts at $99/year.

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Local Ads

Local businesses can advertise on surrounding ports & anchorages for $50/year.

It can be the local shipchandler, laundry, bar/restaurant, customs agent, groceries store, etc. Their ads will consistently appear on all ports and anchorages listings within a 2-mile radius, a dinghy ride away. Additionally, they will be displayed at the top of their respective Region and City/Island pages.

Earn Recurring Commissions Forever

We don’t just pay you for the initial purchase, you keep earning forever!

Not only do we offer the highest commission percentage in the industry, we also offer recurring commissions on renewal payments. We promise that once you start promoting Blue.Press and once you start to see the recurring revenue stream build up, our affiliate program will out preform everyone else’s by a nautical mile.

Affiliate Dashboard

Recruit New Affiliates

Existing affiliates can invite to join our affiliate program and be rewarded on 3 levels, 20%, 10%, and 5% of the commission for sales referred to you by the newly recruited affiliates.

How does the affiliate program work?

Each affiliate is supplied with a special link that can be used to refer potential customers to our website. We track all of the traffic you send us via your special link. If any visitor you send us create a free account on Blue.Press, this potential customer is forever linked to you. New members are awarded to the affiliate that most recently referred a visitor.

How long will referrals be attributed to my account?

The referral window for any new account registration is 30 days after using your link.

How affiliates are paid?

Affiliate are paid via PayPal. You must have an active PayPal account in order to receive payments.

Is there a minimum payment threshold?

Yes, there is a minimum payment threshold of $150.
This is an artificial limit imposed to prevent people from using the affiliate program to get 50% off their own membership. You will easily surpass the threshold after referring a few customers.
In order to get paid monthly, the affiliate must exceed the $150 payout minimum.

When are affiliate paid?

Once you’ve made a few sales totaling more than the $150 minimum payout, you will receive a payment via Paypal.
Affiliates are paid the first week of every month automatically.
If a refund is provided to a customer for which commission has already been paid to you, the same will be adjusted from your future payments.

How do affiliates recruit other people?

The principle is similar to referring sales, you just share a referral link to our affiliate registration page.
You can find this new referral link in your affiliate account, under the Network tab. Alongside the invitation referral link, you will also have a tree diagram of your sub-affiliates.

What is not allowed?

Don’t use the “Blue.Press” trademark in your domain name or ads where you are promoting Blue.Press products because this creates brand conflicts.
Don’t use automatic traffic generation methods such as popups, iframes, auto-surf programs or any other traffic method that does not involve an intentional click from an informed visitor.
Don’t trick users into clicking your affiliate link.
Don’t generate traffic using spam, malware or other illegal means.
Don’t promote fake discounts or coupon codes.
Don’t impersonate Blue.Press by creating confusingly-similar websites or landing pages.
Don’t use your own affiliate link to purchase products.