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Antigua and Barbuda's ports and anchorages are well-equipped to handle a large range of vessels. Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour are particularly famous for their facilities and historical significance in sailing. Antigua and Barbuda are also rich in cultural festivals. Events like Carnival and the National Heroes Day provide insight into the islands' vibrant culture and history, offering a deeper understanding of this Caribbean nation.

Antigua and Barbuda is a nation comprising its two namesake islands and several smaller ones:


The larger of the two main islands, is known for its golden beaches and a coastline that draws sailors from around the world. Its history is rich with the legacy of the British navy, notably at Nelson's Dockyard, a restored colonial naval station.


Less developed and more tranquil than its sister island, offers solitude amidst its natural beauty. Famous for its Frigate Bird Sanctuary and pink sand beaches, it's a contrast to the bustling Antigua, offering a serene escape.


This uninhabited island is part of the national territory, is a stark, rocky island with a unique history of its own. It’s a natural reserve, known for its seabird populations.


The climate of Antigua and Barbuda is tropical maritime with little seasonal temperature variation. The islands experience the effects of the northeast trade winds, creating a pleasant, year-round climate that is ideal for sailing and outdoor activities.

Sailing Season

The best sailing season in Antigua and Barbuda is typically from December to April, coinciding with the dry season. This period offers stable weather conditions with moderate winds.

Is the tap water in Antigua and Barbuda safe to drink?

The tap water in Antigua and Barbuda is generally considered safe to drink. However, it is often advised that tourists and visitors drink bottled or filtered water, especially if they are not accustomed to the local water. This precaution is mainly to avoid any potential stomach discomfort that can occur when traveling and drinking water from a different source than one is used to.

What's the quality of fuel like in Antigua and Barbuda?

Regarding fuel quality in Antigua and Barbuda, the fuel available is of good quality, similar to what you would find in North America or Europe. Marinas and fueling stations in the country adhere to international standards.

What is the standard voltage and frequency in Antigua and Barbuda's marinas?

As for the standard voltage and frequency in Antigua and Barbuda's marinasare 230 volts and 60 Hz. However, it is important for visitors to note that the plug type used is typically type A and B, which is the same as in the United States and Canada. Therefore, visitors from countries with different plug types and voltage standards should consider bringing appropriate adapters and converters for their electronic devices.

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