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With thousands of islands and countless anchorages Greece has long been a sailor's paradise. The feeling of independence and the ability to escape the beaten path make sailing in Greece a truly liberating experience. You will have the flexibility to chart your own course, discover secluded bays, and escape the crowded tourist spots.


The Greek waters are characterized by a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The Meltemi wind, a seasonal wind that blows from the north, is a significant factor in navigation, particularly during the summer months. It can reach gale force in the Aegean Sea, making navigation challenging for inexperienced sailors.


Tides in the Mediterranean are almost nonexistant. However, the complex topography of the Greek coastline, with its numerous islands and narrow straits, can lead to localized tidal phenomena. Currents are primarily wind-driven and can be strong in narrow channels and around capes.

Is tap water in Greece safe to drink?

The water is generally safe to drink, although it may occasionally have a slight salty taste due to being treated seawater, or a hint of chlorine from the water treatment process.
Sailors exploring Greece can conveniently refill their water tanks at marinas and ports along the coastline.

What is the standard voltage and frequency in Greek marinas?

The standard voltage in Greece is 230V, and the frequency is 50Hz. This is in line with most European countries. While most marinas offer both 16A and 32A connections, availability can vary, especially in smaller or less-equipped facilities.

How is the fuel quality in Greece?

Yes, the quality of fuel in Greece complies with European standards. You can expect to find good quality fuel at various fueling stations scattered along the Greek coastline.
If a dock is accessible by car, fuel delivery is typically possible. Look out for a sign indicating fuel services, which should also display a contact number. If you can't find a sign, inquire with the locals.

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