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At Blue.Press we believe that creating an open platform where both sailors and locals can contribute is the best way to build the most comprehensive ports & anchorages directory.


Free Port Listing

  • Stay well in the channel during the approach, the sand banks are constantly moving in this area.

Everyone can add or edit a port’s phone number, VHF channel, services, and nearby facilities. Sailors with specific needs use these to filter search results on the map.

However, inputting technical data and official description about a harbour is restricted, meaning sailors will have to rely on reviews from previous visitors.

Get verified


Only harbourmasters should have the authority to input critical information about a harbour, and verifying their legitimacy is crucial.

At just $50/year, we’ve set our membership to be as affordable as possible. And we’ve bundled all possible services to cater to marina management teams, doing everything to encourage marinas to get verified.

A fully detailed listing on Blue.Press will attract more boats to your location. Furthermore, it will streamline operations as many queries typically made over the phone are already answered on your listing.

On Blue.Press, when a harbourmaster claims a port, we display a ‘Verified Port’ badge, assuring sailors that the information provided is both accurate and trustworthy, encouraging sailors to confidently choose the right port.

Get featured


A marinas willing to gain visibility can choose to be featured, and consistently appear on top of results for its Country & Region.