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Carriacou and Petite Martinique are the lesser-known siblings in Grenada's tri-island state. Here, tranquility reigns, with the islands' unspoiled landscapes offering a stark contrast to the bustling tourism of larger Caribbean destinations. The islands' authenticity is their allure, with their economy steeped in boat-building, fishing, and seafaring.

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Known as the 'Land of Reefs', Carriacou is the larger of the two islands and serves as a cultural beacon with its rich history and preservation of traditional boat building. The main town, Hillsborough, is the commercial and cultural center, where the ferry docks bring a steady flow of visitors and commerce.

Petite Martinique, barely 2.4 square miles in size, is a gem of preserved customs. Its residents, mainly fishers and boat-builders, live a self-sustained life, creating an intimate community that values simplicity and hard work.

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