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Sailing in Turkey is a voyage through time. The vestiges of empires – Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman – are scattered like treasures along the shores, inviting sailors to embark on a journey that bridges the gap between the past and the present.

Sailing season in Turkey

The high season extends from May to October, encompassing the warmer months and offering ideal sailing conditions.

The low season, from November to April, brings cooler temperatures and the possibility of rain, but also offers a more serene and secluded sailing experience.

Prevailing wind

The "Meltemi" wind is a defining feature of Turkey's sailing experience. It originates from the northwest and sweeps across the seas, providing consistent and refreshing breezes.

During the high season, the Meltemi can vary in strength, ranging from moderate to strong.

Is tap water in Turkey safe to drink?

Turkey is committed to maintaining water quality and potability, the water supplied through all facilities adheres to hygiene and safety standards, ensuring that sailors can confidently use it for drinking, cooking, and other onboard needs.

What is the standard voltage and frequency in Turkish marinas?

The standard voltage for electricity in Turkey is 230V with a frequency of 50Hz.
Marinas typically offer electricity hook-ups with varying amp capacities, commonly ranging from 16A to 32A connections.

How is the fuel quality in Turkey?

Turkey maintains a standard of good-quality fuel that adheres to European standards, ensuring that sailors can rely on a clean and reliable fuel supply as they navigate the Turkish waters.

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Best anchorages

  • Enough space for a dozen boats with lines to shore.

  • 279 comment avatar Wilfrid Selimiye Bay

    Beautiful anchorage conveniently located near a marvellous village with all amenities.

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