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La Palma, the most north-westerly of the Canary Islands, is a place of extraordinary natural beauty and diversity. Its dramatic landscapes, ranging from lush forests to volcanic terrains, have earned it the nickname 'La Isla Bonita' or 'The Beautiful Island'. The island's unique topography is a result of its volcanic origins, with the Caldera de Taburiente - a massive crater formed by erosion - being one of its most striking features.

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The island's coastline is equally captivating, with its rugged cliffs, secluded coves, and black sand beaches. The waters surrounding La Palma are a haven for marine life, making it a popular destination for scuba diving and whale watching.

In recent years, La Palma has gained recognition as a leading destination for astrotourism. The island's clear skies and low light pollution make it an ideal location for stargazing. The Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, located at the island's highest point, is one of the world's leading astronomical observatories. This focus on astrotourism has not only boosted the island's tourism sector but also highlighted the importance of preserving dark skies and promoting sustainable tourism practices.

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